Miranda Lambert’s Husband Can Seriously Dance!

If you thought you Miranda Lambert’s new husband Brendan Mcloughlin looked very familiar, your memory is serving you well.

In 2015, a video was posted on YouTube that immediately went viral. Let’s set the scene. The New York City streets were flooding with people in what looks to be a street party. Multiple tented vendor stations line the streets and in the middle of road are two NYPD police officers, breaking it down with a series of choreographed dance moves to the catchy tune of “Cupid Shuffle.”

The video boasted the caption, “Cops have fun too! NYPD Officer Dancing Cupid Shuffle with Take a Break & I'll Bake.” They weren't wrong. These cops do look like they enjoy having some fun!

As it turns out, "Take a Break & I'll Bake," is a NYC-based southern style bakery known for their signature cakes and pies, but they are also known for their crowd stopping disco dance moves and entertainment. Clearly.

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Brendan may be more southern than we had realized? One thing is certain, his dance moves are fierce.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.



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