Blake Shelton Drops New Faith-Filled Anthem 'Jesus Got A Tight Grip'

Blake Shelton Drops New Faith-Filled Anthem 'Jesus Got A Tight Grip'

Blake Shelton just dropped a new song, "Jesus Got A Tight Grip" on Wednesday (October 16). The track, written by Shelton alongside Chase McGill, Jessi Alexander and Rhett Akins, is one of five new songs included on Shelton's Fully Loaded: God's Country album due on December 13.

The new song is a faith-filled anthem about God's everlasting love and grace for us despite how many times we fail Him. No matter our sins, He loves us still the same and that's exactly what Shelton sings about in the new song.

"Well, I ain't never been an angel / I ain't never been called a saint," sings Shelton at the start of the track later adding, "I've been a little more cold beer / than holy water, it's true." Regardless of the cold beers consumed Shelton sings, "Might have a little rust on my halo / But when I'm gone, I know where I'll go / 'Cause Jesus got a tight grip on my soul."

"Jesus Got A Tight Grip" joins his No. 1 single, "God's Country" and his follow up duet with Trace Adkins, "Hell Right" in the new tracks on his next album.

Earlier this year, Shelton admitted he was hesitant about releasing a new album, explaining that he'd rather just have fun releasing individual songs one at a time. Despite the country singer's previous comments, he ended up announcing last month (September 30) his plans for Fully Loaded: God's Country.

“Well, I knew the label would come up with some plan to release an album,” Shelton said when announcing the record. “I’ve been vocal about how much I like this new way of releasing songs more frequently. It keeps me excited and gives me the opportunity to find the hot new song that I love and get it out to the fans quickly. I think they like it too."

Shelton adds, "With five new songs on this album, you’ve got ‘God’s Country,’ ‘Hell Right’ and a few more that haven’t come out yet — maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that. But the fans will hear most of the music on Fully Loaded before it hits the streets in December.”

Take a listen to Shelton's latest, "Jesus Got A Grip" below.


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