Bobby Details What Happend When He Met The Bachelorette Hannah At Idol

Bobby and Hannah

During the season finale of American Idol, Bobby Bones was there mentoring in the final moments. Also there was The Bachelorette known as Alabama Hannah due to both shows being on the ABC Network. While backstage, Bones heard someone yell "Bobby, I love you!" and he turned around to find a very beautiful woman yelling that at him. Naturally, he went over to her and quickly found out she was the current Bachelorette.

Bones couldn't stop noticing that she was incredibly beautiful, super nice and down to earth. He had to run to get back to the live finale for Idol, but ended up messaging with Hannah on direct message over Instagram. Also during the live finale for Idol, the producer sat Hannah and Bones next to each to each other in the crowd stirring up lots of comments on social media. Bones kind of made a comment on all of the talk about him being on The Bachelor saying, "There have been conversations about me and that show." So he didn't confirm nor deny his potential involvement in any upcoming Bachelor/Bachelorette situations.

He ended all of the talk by saying it was great to meet Hannah and she's definitely a good one.

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