Bobby And Morgan2 Went Boxing, Amy Was Supposed To Join

Bobby and M2 Boxing

Bobby Bones owns a boxing gym in Nashville, Tennessee called Title Boxing Club at Church Street. He often trains there when he's not busy on the road with television appearances and soon to be comedy band tour. Bones asked Amy and Morgan2 during The Bobby Bones Show if they wanted to come up to the box and train together on Tuesday (May 21). After the show, Bones sent a text to the two of them. Morgan2 responded and went to the gym, however Amy never responded.

We later found out that Amy never saw the text, and didn't show up at the gym. She was the one who initiated the original boxing session, yet didn't make it. Bones was bitter at first because he didn't realize how someone could completely miss a text. However, he and Morgan2 went ahead and trained together and he also mentioned she has a 'mean right hook' and couldn't beat up the guys on the show.

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