Caroline Hobby Gets Real About Pregnancy And Her Body Changing

Caroline Hobby

Caroline Hobby joined the Bobby Bones Show to chat all things pregnancy! Hobby is now 6 months along and Bobby said he is fully invested in her pregnancy updates. She posted a picture of herself in her dressing room in just her underwear showing her pregnant belly. Amy said "Go Caroline!" she is in full support. Bobby said he felt a little awkward about it.

Hobby responded with the fact that her intention wasn't sex appeal. Lately her body hasn't felt like her own and she wanted show the world her ever changing pregnant body. Bobby asked what the biggest different day-to-day is with being pregnant. Hobby said pregnancy has given her anxiety just knowing that she is growing a baby inside of her and she is solely responsible for what she does to her body.

Aside from her pregnancy, Hobby has a podcast called Get Real with Caroline Hobby. She recently had on Lauren Akins, Thomas Rhett's wife, who Hobby said is the most down to earth, wonderful person she's ever met. She said she loves her relationship with Rhett and she has such a beautiful soul only using her platform to help other people. Akins and Rhett adopted a child and Akins uses her platform to shed light on people and children in need. Hobby joked that she wants Amy's husband to come on as a guest!

Listen to the full interview to hear more from Caroline Hobby's conversation with Bobby and Amy.

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